Follow these steps to become a member, each application will be considered but not guaranteed

- Email your name, phone number and a copy of photo ID such as passport or Drivers licence.

- You will be notified if your application was successful and then your membership fee will then be required in person on your first visit.

Take into consideration that a mandatory 2 day waiting period is required after submitting your application for necessary background checks

There will be NO exceptions to the above criteria! 

All data will be kept on a secure database for management's records only.

Any person who jeopardises their membership will have their details kept on record for refusal of any future membership.

Memberships run for 1 calendar year from the date of membership. MEMBERSHIPS ARE NON-TRANSFERRABLE!!

Becoming a member entitles you to unlimited annual access to the venue but excludes entry fee to events or room hire. 

Feel free to relax in our common areas before or after your room booking.

Membership fee - £10 for limited time only, the fee will increase in the new year to £20.

Once you become a member the following fees apply:

Events - £15 (if you are part of a particular day activity then a discount will be applied at managements discretion)

Room Hire - £40 per hour for 2 people


Single ladies - £20

Single men - £45

Verified couples - £40

Dress code is smart/fetish. 

NO - Trainers, tracksuits, shorts, flip flops, sandals etc.